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Let us help you navigate the legal issues in your life. In a complicated world, we provide counsel you can trust. Our experience, qualifications, and compassion provide results-driven representation.

We define quality in legal services with our professional reliability and diligence. We provide the highest standards of ethics, both in how we handle your case and how we deal with your bill.

Whether you are an individual or small business, your problem is simple or complex; you can rely on us to help you meet your legal challenges with confidence, avoid unforeseen complications down the road, and plan for a better future.

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"I have enjoyed working with Shirl LeBaron for many years. He is great at listening, understanding, and analyzing the problems presented to him. I have been impressed at his quick grasp of the issues, his studied responses, and his ability to recommend actions that bring satisfactory resolutions."

- Dale O. Gunther

"LeBaron Law Offices has always been there for me in both business and personal matters. Shirl LeBaron and his professional staff have helped me with bankruptcy (professional), adoption (personal), and have been the "attorney on call" for me over the last 7 years. I have a lot of respect for Shirl and Jennifer and consider Shirl like family. In my everyday business, I feel confident in referring family, friends, and associates alike to LeBaron Law Offices. They really are the best."

- JG Taylor

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